A Crystal is Calling Me

A Crystal is Calling Me

Posted by Rev. Dr. Joshua Sidgwick on 9th Jul 2024

Crystals, like everything in creation, emit a frequency of energy, much like radio-waves, of which those who are receptive to this are able to tune into and utilise. This frequency has lead to many of us in the spiritual world of thinking being called to the Crystal Kingdom. Either through working consciously with crystals or being drawn to these wonders of creation by a seemingly mysterious calling. 

A lot of the art that is working with crystals is an intuitive and instinctive process that we are yet to fully comprehend. Some say that crystals simply help in various ways and do not question the how. Others say that the periodic elemental components in the crystals activate a healing cocktail in our bodies by activating that which is within us like that of taking a vitamin supplement. 

Then there are those that say that the crystals themselves send out an energy that we can subconsciously connect with and take on board if needed – even before we know that we need the help. In some ways, this is because our energy bodes are constantly putting out feelers around us to see if there is anything that will either help or hinder our journey. Should it detect something that will help, an instinct will kick in and a calling to have that nearby will sound. 

As a result, many of us find ourselves being attracted to certain crystals without any particular reason being at the forefront of our minds. Should someone be attracted or drawn to the shiny lustre of Black Obsidian it could well be that they are feeling it necessary to explore their Shadow-Self. Or they may simply need some help in dealing with arthritic pain, of which such a crystal is known for helping with. 

The seemingly instinctual calling of crystals of course, is by no means limited to humans. A rescue cat that we once had, Aura, used to track down a particular piece of Rhodonite that, no matter where it was, she would tuck under her belly and lay upon it. While this was cute and perplexing to us both at first, it was upon doing some research through the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall that it was revealed that Rhodonite is known to help with fertility issues. 

Aura, prior to my husband, Dee, adopting her from a rescue centre, was found on the side of the road with stitches still in her from what appeared to be a backyard desexing operation. As a result, it appeared that a piece of ovary was left behind of which would cause her to go through a cycle of sorts. It seems that Aura found the Rhodonite to be a soothing crystal that would help her during such times. 

Overall, when a crystal calls out, it best to listen to this – even if the reason is unclear at the time. There may well be something deep within you that is needing help and healing with the power of the crystals. So, open your mind and energy to the crystals that are calling out to you on your journey and be amazed at how they help you.