Anger Burns and Tensions Boil

Anger Burns and Tensions Boil

Posted by Rev. Dr. Joshua Sidgwick on 24th Jun 2024

Welcome to the Card of the Week for Monday the 24th of June 2024 in which Typhon bursts forth from the deepest of pits of the Gods & Titans Oracle by Stacey Demarco. His appearance illuminates the tension, anger, and rage that is rising up from within at this time as so many of us are seemingly close to breaking point. 

It is not unusual for many of us to be reaching this point of borderline explosive anger as we reach the midpoint of the calendar year. For those of us in Australia, it is the middle of winter and tax time is upon us. Both which leads to many issues with money, debts, heating bills, and highlighting our frustrations with the government. For the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is in full swing often leading to heatwaves, forest fires, increased electricity bills, and so on. No matter what hemisphere you are in, rage and anger appear to be rising and bubbling forth from within for many across the globe. 

To look at Typhon and his divine origins is to look at an act of desperation. He was born from the surface of Mother Gaia who, upon seeing so many of her children killed in the Titanomachy (War of the Titans), birthed Typhon. Rising from the Earth as a form of rage and revenge, he fought against the Olympians, but eventually lost due the strategic nature of Zeus who sealed Typhon away. This left him bubbling beneath the surface where the volcano, Mt. Etna, is now located. 

From this origin story, we can look at rage in a different way by using the energy in a channelled and productive way. Much like the volcano through which Typhon’s energy is dispersed, the anger and rage we feel within needs to be released proportionately to the situation. Of course, it is not always possible to release anger in the moment, so it sits within and bubbles up before it is let out in an explosion. Such an explosion is an overreaction which leads to a chain reaction through which destruction and havoc is wreaked. 

There are many ways to release this pent-up emotional energy in physical ways such as exercise, boxing, running, walking, etc. However, to release it in an energetic fashion, one way is to stand on some grass – preferably barefoot – while visualising roots going down into the Earth. Bathe in the sunlight, or the starlight if at night, and allow your rage and anger to flow down the roots into the Earth where it can be transmuted into positive energy. Allow the Sun’s or star’s energy to fill the space left where the anger was. When done, pull your roots back up and thank the Earth and the Sun or stars for their help. 

To sum this up, it is best to deal with anger and rage in a healthy manner so that it does not lead to a destructive and detrimental path. No matter how difficult or frustrating things may be, there is always a healthy way to handle the emotions felt. It is just about figuring out what works for each individual. 

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