Finding The Strength Within

Finding The Strength Within

Posted by Rev. Dr. Joshua Sidgwick on 8th Jul 2024

Welcome to the Card of the Week for Monday the 8th of July 2024 in which, Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Spring, comes to us from the Keepers of the Light Oracle by Kyle Gray. She is here to present us with a flame of renewal so that we may find the strength within for the times that are coming in hard and fast. 

The flame that Goddess Brigid is providing us with is a Sacred Element and is a powerful thing. Not only does this fire provide warmth and illumination, but it can also be a destructively productive force as well. 

From a warming perspective, said flame can provide a sense of comfort to help reduce the effects of what is ahead should it be a turn for the worse. All the while, the illuminating side of it can help you see what is going on with a level of clarity. 

With a sense of warmth and highlighted clarity, we can work towards finding the strength within to overcome whatever is coming our way in the coming weeks. Calling upon Goddess Brigid to help with this would be advantageous as she can assist with keeping the flame alive within ourselves. 

As we keep the flame alive, we need to acknowledge the destructive and productive powers of this sacred fire. As it burns away that which does not serve us and reduces it to ashes, said ashes can be used to provide a way in which what will serve us can be grown. Hence the destructive and productive properties of the sacred flame. 

Keep in mind however, the fire can get out of hand and burn away more than was originally planned. While this is sometimes ideal for the spiritual journey, there are times where it can be detrimental. Should it become this way, finding any shred of strength within yourself will be essential to sift through the ashes and find what is left that is of use. 

To sum this up, calling upon Goddess Brigid with her sacred flame will help in many ways on the spiritual journey. This flame will help provide warmth, illumination, destruction, and productivity when used properly for finding the strength within. It is just a matter of learning, persevering, and journeying as best we can. 

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