Success In Business & Money

Success In Business & Money

Posted by Rev. Dr. Joshua Sidgwick on 1st Jul 2024

Welcome to the Card of the Week for Monday the 1st of June 2024 in which the wise and accomplished King of Pentacles from the Celtic Dragon Tarot has presented himself heralding a time of success in business and money. He stands steadfast with the dragon relaxing at his feet with the throne grown from the ground itself, symbolising his accomplishments. 

A rather poignant presentation given the time of year where, as highlighted in the previous Card of the Week, financial matters are coming to a head. It is time for you to act sooner rather than later to get your financial matters in order. To do so, you might need to review your banking situation, invest in an accountant’s services, or even look at hiring a financial investor to give you some professional advice. You may even want to look at a potential loan to help sort out any debts that may have become out of control. 

As you do so though with any of these, there is a key warning to be heeded here: Stubbornness can lead to alienating those who can help you in the ways of money. Keep in mind, this is stubbornness that comes not only from you, but also from those you are seeking help from. As a result, the ‘wiser man’ might well be a ‘miser man’ who will refuse to help even if you beg on bended knee. 

Should stubbornness come into play, it is best to remember that you cannot control the actions of others. You can, however, control your own actions as well as the reactions to how other people are. In this instance, it is time for you to take the role of the King of Pentacles and have the wisdom to know when to invest time and energy in the pursuit of a matter. Perhaps there are better options, and you just need to seek them out. 

To sum this up, it is best to survey the entirety of your financial realm and see what help is available to you to help you improve your money situation. Perhaps a little magick is needed, much like what I did with a spell in the back of the Celtic Dragon Tarot Guidebook as shown below.