Code of Practice

We are committed to offering you the best experience through various products and services with Rainbow Panda. These services are a variety of unique Spiritual Healing Sessions offered to help you. In addition to being committed to service, we have years of study and experience in specialised fields which we draw upon. These years of experience echo around a central ethos and Code of Practice which we pride ourselves on upholding.

This includes that no service shall be offered one on one to anyone under the age of eighteen. Services may be offered to those younger with a parent or legal guardian present and are recommended to be conducted face to face. Sessions cannot be for or about a third person not present, such as asking for information in an Oracle or Tarot Reading about a friend, family member or other person.

Services are not offered to a client found to be under the influence of mind-altering substances including, but not limited to, alcohol, THC, MDMA, LSD and others too. Please check with us if you are on prescribed medications that are mind altering in nature such as anti-psychotics and vapes before booking your session.

If you are found to be under the influence, or if your service provider believes you are, your session will be terminated immediately, and no refund shall be offered. If you are honest and let them know that you have had something prior to your session, they will rebook you when you are ready to be fully aware and present for your time together.

The reason for these guidelines regarding substances are that they do affect your energy and how you respond to emotional information. We have found that Oracle and Tarot Readings can highlight difficult issues at times and heightened emotions lead to a more difficult session for you. With regards to Healing, substances can misalign your connection to Source and blur the lines of the Grey making it difficult to help you illuminate the way.

Sessions that are conducted face to face are done in a private room and we do try and limit each visit to one client booking at a time so the service provider can focus on you. This also prevents you bumping into someone you may not want to see and maintains confidentiality. You are welcome to bring a friend, family member or support person with you on your visit.

Whether you are having a session face to face, via Zoom or over the telephone, we pride ourselves on being courteous, respectful, and inclusive of all. We will not use threatening language, swear words or such during our time together to maintain a level of respect and harmony with you. We will also not have physical contact with you during your session except for the placement of crystals, helping you with mobility or in an emergency.

Indeed, all are welcome, and we shall treat you the way we would like to be treated with love to guide our way. We hope you enjoy your time with Rainbow Panda and thank you for choosing us to assist you on the journey of life.