Slabs, Clusters & Points

Slabs, clusters, and points are all unique variations of crystals and minerals that are widely sought after by collectors and crystal enthusiasts. Each type offers its own distinct characteristics and benefits, making them valuable additions to any crystal collection.

Slabs are large, flat pieces of crystal that are often used for display or meditation purposes. They can be placed on altars, desks, or other prominent areas to enhance the energy of the space. Slabs are also commonly used for crystal grid layouts or as a base for other crystals to amplify their energy.

Clusters are formations of multiple crystals that are grouped closely together. These natural formations can vary in size and shape, creating intricate patterns that are visually stunning. Clusters are known for their ability to cleanse and energize a space, making them ideal for clearing negative energy and promoting positivity.

Points are single, elongated crystals that come to a sharp tip at one end. These crystals are often used in meditation, energy work, and healing practices due to their focused energy and ability to direct energy flow. Points are also known for their ability to amplify the properties of other crystals, making them versatile tools for crystal practitioners.

Whether you're drawn to the calming energy of clear quartz or the protective properties of amethyst, there is a wide variety of slabs, clusters, and points available to suit your personal needs and preferences. These natural wonders offer beauty, energy, and healing benefits that can enhance your spiritual practice and daily life. Explore our collection to find the perfect slab, cluster, or point for your crystal collection today.
  • Amethyst Point

    Amethyst Point

    The Amethyst Point is a captivating crystal renowned for its ability to channel energy throughout a space, infusing it with the calming essence of spiritual tranquility. This exquisite stone is believed to embody spirituality and contentment, offering a...

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  • Banded Purple Rough Fluorite

    Banded Purple Rough Fluorite

    Exuding a captivating allure, the Banded Purple Rough Fluorite gemstone stands out as a stunning representation of the captivating beauty found in nature. Revealing intricate natural patterns of purple within its raw form, this crystal embodies an...

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  • Blue Agate Slice

    Blue Agate Slice

    The Blue Agate Slice is a stunning piece of nature's artistry that brings tranquility and elegance to any space. Meticulously polished to highlight its exquisite beauty, this unique slice showcases a mesmerizing blend of light blue and brown hues that...

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    Clear Quartz Cluster on Stand

    Clear Quartz Cluster on Stand

    Add a touch of elegance and positive energy to your home or office with our Clear Quartz Cluster on Stand. This exquisite piece showcases the natural beauty of clear quartz, a crystal renowned for its ability to heal and cleanse energy.The cluster of...

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    Now: $100.00
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  • Rough Smoky Quartz

    Rough Smoky Quartz

    Exuding an unusual beauty that highlights the wonder of the natural Smoky Quartz crystal, this Rough Smoky Quartz is a truly lovely piece that is sure to please all lovers of crystals. Characterized by its raw and unpolished form, this Rough Smoky Quartz...

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