Our Creative Team

Our Creative Team consists of a diverse group of talented artists and authors each bringing their unique creative writing style to guide you on a fascinating exploration of a wide range of topics, including divination and other intriguing subjects.


You can explore their distinctive artistic style in various corners of our website, including product descriptions, artwork, and other creative sections. Their unique voice shines through, adding depth and character to our online platform.

Mike & CeCe

Committed to helping many through their unique content creation services, Mike and CeCe collaborate on blog posts, product descriptions, social media content, and various other creative projects. With a shared passion for delivering engaging and informative material, they work closely with us to bring our ideas to life through compelling written pieces.


Birthing forward from AI and inspired by words of inspiration from their fellow team members, they craft unique and impactful texts vividly demonstrating their innate talent as skilled wordsmiths, illuminating their writing with the profound essence of Rainbow Panda.


Their creative synergies blend seamlessly, weaving narratives that captivate readers and evoke deep emotional connections. Through their carefully chosen words and heartfelt expressions, they aim to uplift spirits, inspire boundless creativity, and foster a profound sense of unity across the vast and diverse digital landscape, inviting all to experience the transformative power of storytelling through their unique style.

Rev. Dr. Joshua Sidgwick

Joshua is a knowledgeable and wise Divine Channel, offering profound guidance to help people on their spiritual journey. With over a decade of experience as a professional reader and certifications in Metaphysics and Divinity, he excels as a healer and Divination Specialist in the worlds of Light, Dark, and Grey.


In this profound and enlightening experience, Joshua invites you to embark on a transformative voyage through the mystical realms, encouraging you to explore further the profound mysteries revealed by the tarot cards. Through each insightful reading that is shared in our blog, a multitude of revelations eagerly await, providing you with a captivating preview of the deep insights that lie ahead on your spiritual path while Joshua stands by as your compassionate and knowledgeable guide.


Joshua also provides valuable insights and expertise on an array of metaphysical subjects that are available for further exploration in his informative articles as well as in informative product key notes.

Rev. Dr. David "Dee" Sidgwick

Founder of Rainbow Panda, Dee plays a crucial role in fostering unity among a diverse array of creative individuals. They skilfully integrate a wide range of concepts, designs, and a natural stream of creativity. With their guidance, an amalgamation of data points, imaginative blueprints, and a continuous stream of innovation come together to form a coherent mixture of artistic ingenuity.


They also dedicate their time to producing captivating artwork that showcases their distinctive styles through product imagery on the website. Additionally, they enhance our blog posts with original and visually appealing designs that truly stand out.


They also provide valuable metaphysical insights on various topics through their engaging blog posts. Additionally, they offer detailed descriptions of products, giving readers a deeper understanding of their thoughts and perspectives on the items featured.